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Sam (Samuel Malkiel) Lison

Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapy Supervisor, Emdr Practitioner, Imago Couples Workshop Presenter

Sam Lison is a South African born and Israeli trained Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapy Supervisor, based in Mevasseret Zion, Israel. He is also an EMDR practitioner and accredited Imago Couples Therapist and Workshop Presenter. In his therapeutic work he has for years emphasized the strengths and competence of his clients and this has taken his focus in recent years to be on positive psychotherapy and positive relationships.

Positive psychotherapy assists clients to make their history into history and make use of the freed stuck energy to lead the positive life they want. Positive relationships emphasize mutual safety in relationships that will lay the seed for healing that will invariably lead to individual and mutual flourishing.

Sam has taught in Jerusalem and conducted numerous workshops in Israel and at international conferences.  An avid sports enthusiast he offers the alternative of psychotherapy while walking, for appropriate clients. 

Sam co-founded the Imago forum in Israel, an NGO that trains Imago therapists and workshop presenters, accredited by Imago Relationships Institute. Imago Relationship Therapy emphasizes appreciation and respect in relationships and helps couples improve their partnerships and thereby enhance the quality of life for themselves and future generations. Inspired by Harville Hendrix and Imago, and influenced by recent research findings in positive psychology he has drafted a book on his model of positive psychotherapy which he hopes to bring to publication in the near future.

He has considerable experience in the treatment of PTSD with various populations, and here too he emphasizes the value of positive feelings and personal strengths of clients as they work through trauma in search of post-traumatic growth. 

Sam’s commitment to psychological well-being makes his mission one of promoting a more psychologically healthy society, bringing hope and optimism to the generations to come.

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