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Nerida Saunders


As a senior psychologist and approved mentor for neurofeedback practitioners, Nerida has studied under many of the world’s leading neuroscientists, and has made several publications on the subject. Nerida has been in several leadership roles across different professional associations in Australasia, and is a registered supervisor for psychologist interns in NSW. While her bookings are closed, she remains the director of the clinic she founded 17 years ago. Today, Nerida is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience in neurofeedback with clinicians across Australasia, through workshops, seminars and conferences.

One of Nerida’s greatest frustrations in her early career was the limited resources available to actually help people with difficulties. That was until she discovered neuroscience and brain training. She has seen remarkable improvements in people presenting significantly disabling conditions such as autism, head injuries, ADHD, Asperger’s and anxiety and depression. Nerida strongly believes in the power of the individual, and the ability of the individual to overcome what may seem to be insurmountable problems and regain effective control of their lives. She believes a catalyst such as a psychologist is necessary at times for this process to be nudged along, to empower and direct towards resolution. Nerida’s belief in and her acceptance of the individual are her most effective counselling tools; her knowledge and experience come a close second. Currently, Nerida is the formal supervisor of the provisional psychologists in the Brain Care team.

Nerida enjoys her family life, socialising, music, swimming, travel, walking, and practicing her Spanish. She is also mother to Pipi, our therapy dog.

Brain Care: Transforming mental healthcare

Brain Care (previously trading as Solstice-Mind Matters) was established in 1992 to meet the needs of families, individuals and couples who want to take ownership of their lives. We have become known both locally and internationally for the quality of our services and our commitment to individually tailored client care. Our team of qualified practitioners is dedicated to empower you to become stronger, healthier and in control of your life.

Our philosophy defines our whole approach to our work and our lives. Our symbol, ‘phi’ has been celebrated as a sign of purity, the Golden Ratio. This standard applied to mental healthcare is what we bring to you, through our psychotherapy and neurotherapy centre Brain Care, where science-based therapies are combined with experience, compassion and an individualised approach.

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