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Justine (Aginsky) Friedman

Licensed Clinical Dietician, Mindset Mentor, Holistic Health & Wellness Expert

Justine Friedman( Aginsky) RDN, is a South African trained, Licensed Clinical Dietician and Mindset Mentor who has run a successful clinical private practise for over 20 years.

The focus of her treatment with clients is to educate them in developing successful lifestyle habits, eating patterns, and behaviours that will holistically enable them to live lives of wellness.

Justine is passionate about wellness promotion and gut health.

She has years of experience (over 2 decades) in successfully assisting clients with chronic diseases of lifestyle such as: Reversing metabolic syndrome, Diabetes management, Cholesterol reduction, Inflammation, Managing the nutrition aspect of autoimmune conditions, Adrenal fatigue and Weight loss.

She places an emphasis on providing realistic goals designed individually for each client.

Each client is provided with an individualized meal plan which assists them to adapt to the new healthier habits.

Her success with clients stems from the inclusion of mentoring and coaching in her consultations. Justine educates patients with the skills and tools of how best to develop a wellness mindset and adopt behaviours that lead to the integration and maintenance of healthier habits.

This more cognitive-focused approach is paramount in dealing with the emotional aspects to food and body image. For clients, the building of self-esteem and a more cognitive approach to food, their body, and their lifestyle, leads to sustained success.

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