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Esther Rozen

Licensed Clinical Dietician, With A Specialization In Pregnancy, Post-Partum, And Overall Women, Children & Adolescent’s Health And Nutrition.

Esther Rozen, is a Costa Rican-trained and Licensed Clinical Dietitian, who has developed her career focusing on women’s health, specifically during her reproductive years, as well as the baby’s development. Also, as part of her career, she has focused on child development and adolescent nutrition, helping the teenage population improve their lifestyle and healthy habits.

Esther has more than a decade of experience helping women improve their health to ensure a healthy pregnancy, as well as achieving an overall healthy diet during and after pregnancy, and also treating common complications such as Gestational Diabetes, Preeclampsia, and others.

She was also part of an integrated multidisciplinary and revolutionary program in Latin America intended to help patients achieve a healthy weight, alongside therapeutic treatment to achieve a mind-body connection.

During her one-on-one sessions with her patients, she encourages them to have a healthy connection with their diet, while exercising the thought that food is the fuel to our body, and it should be enjoyed in a balanced manner.

Throughout her years of experience, Esther has also helped new moms with the lactation process, decreasing the obstacles during the process and helping them have an enjoyable and successful lactation while bonding with their babies. Knowing that this stage in the woman’s life can represent an increase in stress and emotions.

Esther received training in BAUD Resonance Therapeutics combined with MindFulChoice Positive Psychology, to be able to help women with further noninvasive methods throughout their different life stages in order to deal better with their anxiety and stress while giving them the necessary tools to succeed in achieving their goals.

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