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Dr. Willem Gielen

Cardiologist, MD

Dr. Gielen is an experienced physician and health innovation with an MD degree, a cardiology consulting license, and years of expertise as a CMO in the wearable device area. Preventive and lifestyle medicine, integrated holistic health, remote monitoring, and medical research are primary areas of interest.

Mind and Mood

Dr. Robert Lebovits, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Abraham Gérard Meyer, Ph.D.


Dr. Joseph Wallach

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Coty Aserín

Transformational Therapist and Motivational Speaker


Dr. Sherry S. Kelly, PhD

Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist at PositiviTeens®

Sam (Samuel Malkiel) Lison

Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapy Supervisor, Emdr Practitioner, Imago Couples Workshop Presenter

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