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Dr. Hillel Braude

Integrative Medicine Doctor, Expert Feldenkrais Method Somatic Education Practitioner, and Neuroethicist

Hillel Braude MBBCh Phd is an Integrative Medicine Doctor, expert Feldenkrais Method somatic education practitioner, and neuroethicist. Hillel completed his medical training at the University of Cape Town and obtained his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Chicago. Hillel has trained as a Clinical Ethicist with the University of Chicago’s MacLean Center’s Center for Clinical Ethics. He has completed Post-Doctorate Fellowships in Neuroethics with McGill University’s Biomedical Ethics Unit and Religious Studies Faculty.

Hillel is passionate about bringing together his profound interest in somatic movement practices, neurobiology and study of consciousness for optimal mind-body wellness.

Hillel is the founder-director of the SomaticWell Center – a unique center for Clinical Neuro-Phenomenology – applying therapeutic modalities bringing together embodied first-person experience with third-person neuroscience. The SomaticWell therapeutic approach integrates top-down and bottom-up neurofeedback processes.

Hillel specializes in applying therapies directed at promoting neuroplasticity and regulating the autonomic nervous system. Specialized therapies include: the Feldenkrais Method®, Play, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), biofeedback and photobiomodulation. Specific medical conditions amenable for therapeutic intervention, include for example, anxiety, PTSD, fibromyalgia and post-covid syndrome.

Hillel has a special focus on supporting infants and children with neurodevelopmental conditions – especially autism, attention deficit disorders, and emotional dysregulation.

Hillel has published extensively in the field of Neuroethics, Somatics, and Philosophy of Medicine. Hillel sits on the board of the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) Journal and Research Working Committee. Hillel continues researching somatic practices and specific processes and outcomes associated with hands-on therapeutic work.

To know more visit his website https://somaticwell.com

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